Jauniešu apmaiņa ‘’EYE ON YOU(TH)’’,

Aicinām pieteikties jauniešus (18-25) jauniešu apmaiņai ‘’EYE ON YOU(TH)’’, kas norisināsies Rīgā, Latvijā no 27.07.2015 līdz 03.08.2015!

Piesakies līdz 30.06.2015. aizpildot online pieteikuma formu http://ejuz.lv/eyeonyouth
Piesakoties projektam, Tu apstiprini, ka varēsi piedalīties visu projekta laiku. 100% apmaksāta ir dzīvošana un ēdināšana. 
Sīkāku informāciju jautā [email protected].

WHAT? Youth exchange "EYE ON YOU(TH)"
WHERE? Riga, Latvia
WHEN? 27.07.2015. – 03.08.2015.
WHO? 5 participants (age 18-25) and 1 group leader from Latvia, Spain, Croatia, Italy and Estonia, who have experience/interest in video making and social media.
WHY? To participate in different non-formal education activities (group works, discussions, creative workshops, team building, etc) with aim to learn through the universal medium of video, to understand what it means to be unemployed at a young age and improve the understanding that young people have similar hopes and wishes to build a better future for themselves. As a result of exchange to make a videos which will be post in the end of the project and will go viral on social media.